rent a motorcycleGet out and feel the breeze; there’s nothing more satisfying than feeling the open air on your face as you cruise down the road on a motorcycle. In 2012, there were an estimated nine million motorcycles registered in the United States — many of which are rentals.

Why rent a motorcycle? Motorcycle rentals are a great alternative to owning or leasing a motorcycle. Choppers can often be very expensive, with motorcycle maintenance costs ranging from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars every year. Sure, the parts are smaller, but that doesn’t necessarily make them any less expensive.

To rent a motorcycle means you can ride a high quality bike without having to pay the full price, which can often break the bank. Many people opt for leasing a bike instead, but what happens if you’re not interesting in riding the vehicle anymore? You’re stuck with it until the lease is up. With renting, you can set the length of time you want the bike.

Have you ever wanted to go on that road trip out west? Take a few of your friends, rent a motorcycle, and enjoy each other’s company. At the end of the trip, you won’t need to keep the motorcycle around anymore; simply return it back to the rental company. Renting means you don’t have to worry about putting miles in your own vehicle either.

custom motorcycles : The best thing about renting is that you can often rent a custom-made motorcycle. Some companies will often customize a motorcycle rental for the renter. These days, many adventurists and travel enthusiasts are interested in antique motorcycles because of their custom parts.

The old kick starter is now a rarity that is only found on antique motorcycles. Modern bikes now use an automobile-like starter. Those who rent a motorcycle can also customize their accessories and gear. If you rent a Harley Davidson, for example, many riders will want to purchase their own equipment.

Accessories such as floorboards, grips, seats, handlebars, and back rests can often increase a rider’s comfort on a long-distance ride. Ask your rental company if they will be able to install these upgraded features before your road trip.

Other riders will simply purchase a reflective, weatherproof jacket and helmet to go along with their motorcycle rental. These days, some helmets have built-in speakers that allow you to listen to the radio or an MP3 player or even include an intercom system in order to talk to your fellow riders.

Costs and safety: Depending on how you customize your ride or how much you spend on accessories, the rental cost will vary. Also, the type and maker of the motorcycle will affect price.

On your long trip, make sure you don’t ride in the center of the lane; this is where road debris and oil tends to collect, which can damage your bike. The best place to ride is where the car tires have been.

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custom motorcyclesIf you’re a motorcycle enthusiast you probably already know that owning one is the first step to riding wherever you want, whenever you want. What you might not know is that you don’t have to choose from one of the many pre-designed or manufactured motorcycles. Motorcycles are manufactured for only one size person — between 5’6″ and 5’10″ — so pre-made motorcycles may not be a good fit for your specific and unique needs. Furthermore, a motorcycle is a good way to show off your style, and the motorcycles that are already out there and already designed probably don’t fit your personality and style perfectly. You can get custom motorcycles , and here’s why you may want to.

As was stated before, motorcycles are manufactured as one size fits all, but people are not all one size. Safety is one of the biggest issues for a motorcycle rider, and a bike that does not fit you perfectly may pose safety problems. You can look into custom motorcycle frames that can fit your specific size and body type with attention to your height, arm length, and leg length. Comfort is another issue that custom motorcycles can solve. Custom motorcycle parts such as seats and windshields can increase your comfort while riding especially if you intend to ride for a long distance.

People who live with disabilities or physical limitations may be under the impression that they cannot own or ride a motorcycle, but custom motorcycles can allow them to. A motorcycle can be modified with different parts to accommodate any rider’s specific needs. You can also opt for custom luggage parts to carry around any equipment related to a disability like a sidecar for a wheelchair, for example.

custom motorcycles are great for increasing comfort and safety because they can be fit to your size, but you can have the most fun with accessorizing and getting a custom paint job. Flames are popular, but you can also opt for a solid and understated color of your choice. If you prefer a more detailed paint job, you can get pinstripes or images.

The best way to get the perfect motorcycle that fits you and your needs is to get it customized. A consult with custom motorcycle builders is the first step to adjusting your motorcycle to be exactly what you want it to be.

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harley davidson rental So you’ve finally decided to rent a motorcycle. You’ve gotten a Harley Davidson rental and you’re ready to hit the open road. One of the biggest concerns about riding a motorcycle is safety, and the last thing you want is to be involved in an accident. If you aren’t already a motorcycle owner, you may not be aware of some of the things you need to know about staying safe on the road while riding.

Many accidents involving motorcycles are due to people driving cars who are not paying attention when they are changing lanes or pulling out into traffic. You can help avoid getting in an accident on your Harley Davidson rental by never riding in a car’s blind spot. You may be able to see the car, but they may not be able to see you and you don’t want to take any chances.

Another safety trick is to take cover under an overpass in the event of inclement weather. When it rains, oils on the road rise to the top of the water, which can make for a very slick surface to ride on. Furthermore, rain decreases visibility, and if you can’t be seen by other drivers, this increase your chances of being involved in an accident. If you can’t stop for some reason, there is rain gear available so you can still ride.

You can also increase your safety on the road while riding your Harley Davidson rental by getting one equipped with custom motorcycle parts or motorcycle accessories, such as lights or a loud tailpipe. Having these features can help you be more noticeable and be able to alert drivers if you need to.

While the prospect of riding a Harley Davidson is exciting, and you may not be able to wait to get out there for a cruise, you should remember these tips, and that safety should be your first concern.

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rent a harley davidsonHarley Davidson motorcycles may have come from humble beginnings — the first one is said to have been built with a tomato can carburetor — but these days the brand has become one of the most famous manufacturers of motorcycles. If you have always wanted to ride one of the most iconic bikes in the world but are not ready to buy, choosing to rent a motorcycle is the best choice for you. Here are a few more (of the many) reasons to rent a Harley Davidson.

Renting saves money.
Choosing to rent a Harley Davidson means that you have the advantage of riding a high quality motorcycle without having to break the bank. You also do not have to worry about the additional costs of owning one, like maintenance or storage, if you do not plan to ride your motorcycle all year round.

Ride for a cause.
People who ride motorcycles often ride together. Maybe the only thing better than the enjoyment of the open road with the wind in your hair and a good friend riding by your side is doing it for a good cause. For example, one of the biggest riding groups in the U.S. honors our veterans by welcoming them home parade style or showing support at their funerals. Harley Davidson rentals can allow you to join in and show your support for your favorite causes.

They’re safe and comfortable.
Motorcycles can seem dangerous and uncomfortable, but motorcycles these days can be equipped with safety features, such as crash bars, that decrease the chances of death or injury. Aside from crash bars, Harley rentals can also be equipped with accessories (like handlebars, seats, and floorboards) to increase your comfort, especially if you plan on long distances.

Choosing to rent a Harley Davidson is a smart and inexpensive way to take advantage of all of the benefits of bike riding, without actually having to buy. If you have always wanted to ride a motorcycle or you want to ride but don’t own one, rent a Harley Davidson. What are you waiting for?

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custom motorcyclesAccording to statistics from 2012, there are nearly nine million standard and custom motorcycles currently registered in the United States. That’s likely because motorcycles have long been tied to America’s enduring promise of freedom — especially the freedom of the open road. But as the old adage goes, with great power comes great responsibility. And when you’re a bike rider, your greatest responsibility is making your machine travel as many miles as it can.

Motorcycle repair and maintenance are the two best things you can do to help keep your bikes, whether they’re brand new or used motorcycles, in good shape. Think of regular service trips to your mechanic like yearly physicals or rounds of shots for a newborn. It’s all part of the plan to make for a long-running, healthy, strong, interconnected system of moving parts. One of the best ways we’ve learned how to handle our bikes is through the use of synthetic motor oil to prolong the engine’s capacity.

Of course, there’s also been a lot of misinformation spread about synthetic oils over the years. We decided to take a look at three of the most pervasive myths and bust them. For starters…

Myth #1: Motorcycles won’t get any benefit from synthetic motor oil
The Lie: For years, people believed that since motorcycle engines get much hotter than regular automotive engines, they need the most authentic, pure motor oil money can buy. While there once was a scientific basis for this, in actuality, it hasn’t been objectively true since the 1990s or so.

The Truth: Modern motorcycle engines are either air-cooled or liquid-cooled, but both can benefit from synthetic oils just the same. In fact, synthetic oil operates the same way as conventional oil, but the difference resides in how it’s made. Ask your local motorcycle maintenance shop about the best oil for your machine.

Myth #2: Synthetic oil can’t be recycled the same way conventional oil can
The Lie: Synthetic oils are created from hazardous chemicals in factories. Therefore, environmental concerns mean they can’t be safely disposed of at all, let alone reused for additional vehicles and engines in the future.

The Truth: Ask any motorcycle repair mechanic; this just simply isn’t true. The EPA recommends disposing of synthetic oil the same way you’d dispose of conventional oil — not in the trash, down a drain, on the ground or burned in a space heater, but in a sealed container at a local oil-recycling center.

Myth #3: You only need to change your bike’s oil every 5,000 miles or so
The Lie: The popular myth with standard cars is that an oil change is needed every 3,000 miles or three months — whichever comes first. For bikes, most owners manuals recommend 5,000 miles instead, which means riders don’t have to worry for a long time.

The Truth: While some custom motorcycles can go for that long, it never hurts to replace all the fluids inside your bike more often than every 5,000 miles. You’ve already spent thousands tweaking your machine to get it exactly how you want it, so why would you risk engine problems in the long run? That’s where synthetic motor oils can help.

Whether you’ve got a garage full of custom motorcycles or one special Harley you’ve been restoring for years, know that synthetic oil is just as healthy for your bike as the conventional stuff. For more info, talk to a local bike shop.

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used motorcyclesAll motorcyclists can easily agree that there is nothing like the feel of the open road. The wind, the scenery whizzing by, and the thrill of speeding down the highway are all perks that you will never experience driving a basic four-door car. The contour, make, and design of motorcycles make them one of the most enjoyable rides imaginable.

But like any vehicle, custom motorcycles are not built to last forever, and require routine maintenance in order to secure their longevity. Whether you purchase used motorcycles on a regular basis, or you scoop up new ones every few decades, there are a few maintenance basics that are a must if you want to get the most out of your bike.

  1. Oil Out, Oil In. Like a car, you will need to take your motorcycle for oil changes on a regular basis. As the engine continues to run for a long period of the time, the oil begins to break down because of the heat generated during the combustion process. While the general consensus is that the oil should be changed every 2,000 miles, it often depends on what your user manual says. You can now fill new and used motorcycles with high quality oil and filters that help keep your motorcycle engine lubricated longer. This can reduce the number of times you need to take your bike in for an oil change.
  2. Dustbusting. After driving your motorcycle around for a while, you will notice that it picks a great deal of dirt, mud, and other debris on the way. Much of this passes through the air filter on your bike, and without cleaning the filter, you could be facing an engine that literally stops working. This happens because without an adequate amount of air reaching the engine, it is unable to function properly. The good news is that most air filters can be replaced or cleaned. The air filters in most motorcycles are foam, paper or cotton. Paper ones can simply be disposed of and bought from a motorcycle repair shop inexpensively. Foam and cotton ones can be cleaned using specific chemical cleaners, and reused for a certain period of time.
  3. Lubricate, Lubricate, Lubricate. If you are into used motorcycles or vintage ones, it is perhaps more important to make sure that you lubricate your chains. Older bikes use standard non-sealed chains which can rust easily, whereas newer ones come with an O-ring chain that contains its own self-lubricating method, which helps keep debris from setting into the chain. But grease and other dirt can clog any type of chain, and if left uncleaned, could decrease the performance of your bike. Once the grime has been cleaned off the chain, lubricating it will be your best shot at fighting natural friction during your rides.

These are only a few of the things you must do to take care of your bike, and it would be best to consult your owner’s manual for other specifics. Either way, there is no denying that motorcycle maintenance is an important part of keeping your bike looking fresh, and functioning perfectly.

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custom motorcyclesThere’s an old Neil Young song called “Long May You Run” that lyrically reads like an ode to a lover’s longevity, but in reality, it’s about the singer’s beloved 1948 Buick Roadmaster hearse. It might seem strange for a popular songwriter to pen a musical elegy for a car, but when you think about it, automobiles are quite celebrated in our culture. For further proof, look no further than the most American of all of them — the motorcycle.
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Looking at the motorcycle custom paint jobs on some of the choppers at your local shop, or on popular television shows, like American Chopper, might get you thinking about having your own ride customized. Maybe you’ve repainted tire rims at some point, or you’re no stranger to a paint gun, but if you’re thinking about trying to do a custom paint job, you should probably put the brakes on that thought, and fast. There are at least three significant advantages to putting down that homemade stencil, and picking up a phone to call your local professional. Continue reading

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A few years ago, I took a trip to the Virginia and West Virginia. There are a number of twisty-turny roads up the hills that are legendary, the scenery is beautiful, camping is everywhere and it is a part of the country that I have always liked. A ride like this takes some planning – it would be a little over 2000 miles when I was all done and I needed to prepare. Continue reading

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Having a physical injury, condition or disability can be devastating to a biker but it does not have to mean the end of a rider’s days with their “knees in the breeze”. The modifications that can be made to a motorcycle are as varied as the number of parts on the bike.

A few facts borrowed from the AMA article “Disabled Motorcyclists Refuse To Quit Riding” (

Riders with a disability often go looking for a company that makes products to meet their needs and find nothing. The most successful riders have modified existing products on the market to meet their unique needs. Continue reading

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